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I was referred by my GP to Mr McMullan, when my eyelids started to obscure my vision. Mr McMullan saw me very quickly and identified a drooping eyebrow in addition to drooping eyelids. Mr McMullan arranged the tests and other evidence required by my insurance company and in January I had a blepharoplasty on both eyelids and a browpexy on one eyebrow. The operation was carried out under local anaesthetic.

Mr McMullan was very reassuring and entertaining throughout the operation and consequently I didn’t find the operation at all uncomfortable or frightening. The aftercare I received from Mr McMullan was really excellent – he checked on me frequently and was always available to deal with any post-operative queries.

The operation has provided remarkable benefits. My eyes are now fully open and I don’t have shaded areas of vision. I don’t have to peer to see and I no longer have the headaches and neck pain associated with my previous visual obstruction. Although the operation wasn’t performed for aesthetic reasons, it has made a huge difference to my appearance. The scars sit largely unnoticeable in the natural crease of my eyelids and my eyes now appear much more open and awake.

Their colour is much more visible and my eyelashes, as well as my eyes, are now in the correct alignment. It is much easier to apply make up and make up no longer smudges. I am frequently told that I look well. I love the improvement to my vision and appearance and am hugely grateful to Mr McMullan for his skill, kindness and good humour.

Lucinda has dealt with all the administration and communications quickly, efficiently and in a friendly manner. This has been a very positive experience for me.  Wendy

I feel very fortunate that I had Mr McMullan perform my lower blepharoplasty operation, and don’t think the result could be better – not just in terms of aesthetics, but also recovery and general health post-operation. My lower lid area was becoming so dark and wrinkled – it was becoming more and more noticeable as the years passed. Some research online lead me to the idea of possibly having a lower blepharoplasty carried out. Having said that, the idea of having a lower blepharoplasty operation done seemed really daunting. Mr McMullan’s consultation put me at ease. He discussed my options, and said I’d be a good candidate for a lower blepharoplasty operation. He plainly told me that such an operation can have complications, but that the benefits would outweigh the risks, and that if I followed specific pre-operative and post-operative instructions on day-to-day living, I can help minimise those risks. Furthermore, Mr McMullan stressed that he would err on the side of safety than “maximise results” to minimise risks / complications. I was put at ease, and was surprised that my mind had been made up (after months of doubt) because of his strong focus on minimising risks. Having said that, the operation produced fantastic results (better than I could have hoped for) and I’ve had zero complications to contend with.

While everyone is different, and they may have different recovery times, within a week my bruising and swelling has subsided to the point I can walk outside without dark glasses on.

Given the complexity of the operation, and the amount of judgement required by the surgeon, I feel compelled to write this testimonial for Mr McMullan, and highly recommend him as a lower blepharoplasty surgeon – the least I can do.


I went for my first eye test (after cataract surgery) yesterday at the opticians.
What a fantastic outcome. I won’t be needing spectacles for distance. When I sat down to read the eye chart the optometrist asked if I could read the middle line with both eyes. I could read the bottom line with no difficulty!
I will be getting 2V lens glasses for work on computer screens and reading.
I remember when I was doing my A-Levels at 16 I was starting to get short-sighted. I can now go to presentations and see clearly, so my distance vision is actually better than when I was 16, and I am 63 now.
As my left eye was being tested the optometrist kept saying ‘wow’ and remarked what a good job you have done, so thank you very much.

RW, Northants


I am extremely pleased with the results of the surgery with Mr McMullan (upper blepharoplasty) and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Everything was very professional and I was very well looked after before, during and after the surgery.

The surgery has made such a difference and I now look years younger.


I had upper blepharoplasty four months ago and I am very pleased with the results. The whole experience was positive from start to finish and I was amazed by how quickly I healed and was able to return to work.

Even my close friends didn’t realise I’d had the surgery but I have had lots of comments and compliments all the time lately about how well I look.

Before my surgery my heavily drooped upper lids made me look grumpy all the time. Now I look on the outside more like I feel inside.



From our first meeting at his clinic, Mr McMullan was positive and filled me with the confidence necessary to embark on eye surgery. He didn’t make things over complicated and explained thoroughly what procedure he would perform and the pro and cons of the surgery and the likely after effects. I am extremely grateful to Mr McMullan and his team.

K.S., who had bilateral upper lid and Right ptosis correction

I have been considering eye surgery for a long time and finally decided now was the time.

I had heard positive reports from friends who had been treated by Mr. McMullan both privately and on the NHS and therefore I had confidence to go ahead with my surgery knowing I was in safe hands.

I am so pleased with the outcome and only wish I had gone ahead years ago.


I had a blepharoplasty when I became unhappy with my heavy eyelids. Make-up and false eyelashes did not conceal how they looked. The procedure was straight forward, relatively pain free and I am totally delighted with the result. I would highly recommend Mr McMullan as the surgeon for the job.


From the start to finish, I was at ease by Mr McMullan and his team, and the outcome was all good.


I am happy to recommend Mr McMullan. He gave me a very honest opinion at the first consultation and the outcome is as he described. I am pleased with the result.


So pleased I was recommended to Mr McMullan. I felt instantly at ease with him. I really couldn’t be more pleased with my eye operation. From my first consultation through to my last aftercare appointment. Perfect!


I had a lower lid blepharoplasty under Mr McMullan, having thought about having it done for a long time. I wish that I had had it sooner! After talking through the procedure with Mr McMullan and Lucinda, I felt incredibly reassured. They supported me through the whole process, answered all my questions and remained approachable and maintained a calm, friendly, reassuring demeanour at all times. I am very pleased indeed with my surgical outcome. I would recommend Mr McMullan’s services to anyone who is considering surgery to their eyelids.


I had been considering surgery for a number of years and had researched the procedure. I had seen a number of consultants.
I opted for Mr McMullan for a number of reasons.
He specialises in eye surgery, (so) that it was not only the aesthetic result but the health in my eyes. He was able to offer the surgery under local and light sedation for an upper and lower Blepharoplasty. He was also able to offer lifting the left brow which drooped slightly.
From the onset he was straight talking, explained the risks and supplied lots of information on the procedure. I was lucky to be put in contact with a number of previous patients who were happy to contact me discuss procedure and send over before and after photos. This gave me additional reassurance and it was great to hear first hand from a patients point of view about the surgery and recovery.
I am so pleased with the results I could not have wished for a better outcome, I honestly look 10 years younger and it made a huge difference to my confidence.


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